When Chris Met Danielle


In 2012, Chris was working at Twilio when he was told he had to be an onboarding buddy for a new engineer named Danielle. She was loud and wore bright leggings all the time. He was grumpy and didn't talk much. 

They didn't get along at all. 

Over the next few years, they discovered they had a similar sense of humor and an incredible drive to get stuff done. Chris helped Danielle study to become a full stack engineer. Danielle made Chris get out of the house. But they were totally just friends. Yup, just friends. Definitely not denying feelings for one another at all. 

One Christmas Eve, Danielle was crying alone in a Whole Foods parking lot. She'd hit a low point in her life and texted Chris, who was in Boston with his family.

He asked, "Do you want me to come home?" 

She said yes.



Over the next year and a half, Chris-who-Danielle-was-not-dating and Danielle got two dogs, spent every weekend together, and went to Hawaii together. 

They went to Italy as friends.

...and came back officially dating.

One day, when Danielle had come back from a speaking engagement in Europe, the two of them lay on the ground cuddling with the dogs.

Danielle turned to Chris and said, "I want this feeling in 30 years." 

Chris said, "Is that your way of saying you want to marry me?"

And she said yes.